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Phase Shift

My Ludum Dare 30 entry–an abstract action game. Try to escape the play area, while avoiding both the solid buildings and the explosion that’s chasing you. You can shift between two realities (with their own sets of buildings) to get around obstacles.

Arrow keys to move, space bar to phase shift, escape to quit.

This was the first action-oriented game I’ve made for a game jam. I’m pretty happy with it, especially with the music and the look of it (as usual, an attempt on my part to add a little flair to what is very much inept programmer-art). The difficulty progression also feels pretty good I think–difficult, but never unwinnable.

I wrote a postmortem for this game here.

Requires Windows 7 or 8. Should work on all but the very slowest Windows 7/8 PCs. Might work on Vista, but no promises.

Download it:


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