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I’ve felt three of them in my lifetime. First, the 2011 Virginia earthquake: I had just returned from a summer in Korea and was staying with my family in the Maryland suburbs. My grandmother and I were the only ones home when the ground started shaking; it felt just like a

Week 6: Flight

This week’s project is a short story. I’m not all that pleased with how it came out, and I’ve hardly had time to edit, so there are probably numerous typos, and worse. It’s about a game jam, and other things. Hopefully, it at least conveys the mood I was going for. Here goes…

Week 4: Leaving Seoul

For my fourth weekly project, I’ve done something quite a bit more personal than the previous ones: I’ve written an essay about someone I once loved, and about the two biggest failures of my life.

Week 3: Atlas of the Inner Sea

In a couple weeks I’ll be running a Dungeons & Dragons game for a group of my friends, for the first time in many (many) years. I’ve really missed the thrill of creating my own world and guiding a group of unsuspecting suckers intrepid adventurers through it, so, as my third Weekly

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