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Weekly Project

Weekly Project Hiatus

I’m gonna put the weekly projects on hold for a while–possibly until after the holidays. I just haven’t been able to keep up! I’ll still intermittently post about things I’m working on, though–just not on quite so regular a schedule.

Week 10: Pacman…?

A simple parody of Pacman built around a very childish joke. I won’t lie–I’m a little ashamed of this one. Windows-only, any reasonably modern PC should work. Download (.zip) Arrow keys to move around. (A day or eight late, but who’s counting?)

No project this week!

It’s been a busy, crazy week. I’ll have something extra awesome next week.

Week 9: GPU Game of Life

For my ninth weekly project, I’ve created…life! Although it was originally computed by hand, Conway’s Game of Life has been implemented as software so many times over the past 44 years by so many people that I’m not sure doing my own version even counts as a creative project, but somehow throughout my

Week 8: Attempted Cinemagraph

I absolutely adore cinemagraphs–still images with subtle, looping animation. There’s something mesmerizingly timeless about the best ones. For this week’s project, I tried to create my own (large file, may take some time to load–sorry): It’s just some buildings on 9th St NW as seen out of my window, with the reflection of a

Week 7: Two White Swans

Named for an odd night half a decade ago in Kyoto.

Week 6: Flight

This week’s project is a short story. I’m not all that pleased with how it came out, and I’ve hardly had time to edit, so there are probably numerous typos, and worse. It’s about a game jam, and other things. Hopefully, it at least conveys the mood I was going for. Here goes…

Week 5: Wendel the Lamp

It’s been an exceptionally busy week, so my weekly project is a tiny one. I needed an adjustable lamp for to illuminate some figurines I was painting, so I built one with stuff I had lying around. I call it Wendel. The base and adjustable arm are built from a Tamiya

Week 4: Leaving Seoul

For my fourth weekly project, I’ve done something quite a bit more personal than the previous ones: I’ve written an essay about someone I once loved, and about the two biggest failures of my life.

Week 3: Atlas of the Inner Sea

In a couple weeks I’ll be running a Dungeons & Dragons game for a group of my friends, for the first time in many (many) years. I’ve really missed the thrill of creating my own world and guiding a group of unsuspecting suckers intrepid adventurers through it, so, as my third Weekly

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