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Quick Notes on Improving C++ Build Times

If you’ve worked on nontrivial C++ projects, you probably have experience waiting for extremely slow compiles. Slow compiles are an even bigger problem than they might seem to be at first; they can significantly reduce the number of edit->compile->debug cycles you can get through in a day, thus reducing the

Quick tip – forward slash autocomplete

A coworker of mine was complaining the other day that Visual Studio’s autocomplete defaults to using backslashes in #include paths–this is pretty annoying if you’re doing cross-platform development since most platforms only allows forward slashes. Thankfully, you can fix this!–but the setting is a bit buried. In Visual Studio 2017,

Quick tip – forcing your app to use the higher-performance GPU

I recently switched from a home-built desktop PC to a laptop with an external GPU enclosure, and was surprised to discover that bytopia¬†immediately crashed on startup on this system. It turns out the NVIDIA driver isn’t always too smart about choosing which GPU to assign to a particular app, and

Quick Tip – disabling optimization without getting yourself in trouble

If you’ve¬†worked on a nontrivial game in C++, you’ve probably run into a situation where you’d like to step through some code in the debugger, but the debug build of your game is painfully slow and debugging in release mode is difficult and time-consuming. Here’s something you probably know (but

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