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I’ve felt three of them in my lifetime. First, the 2011 Virginia earthquake: I had just returned from a summer in Korea and was staying with my family in the Maryland suburbs. My grandmother and I were the only ones home when the ground started shaking; it felt just like a

Marija Tresnjak

My grandmother passed away yesterday, peacefully in her sleep. She spent the last few days of her life surrounded by her family and friends. A doctor once told her she’d never live past age 45; she lived to 88. She saw a lot in those 88 years. She grew up on a

I’ll Be Right There

This passage from Kyung-sook Shin’s novel I’ll Be Right There has got me reflecting on my own life today; I’ve had these thoughts so many times over the past few years. (This paragraph is from near the end of the book, although it doesn’t really spoil anything, in case you care about that sort of thing.)

Weekly Project Hiatus

I’m gonna put the weekly projects on hold for a while–possibly until after the holidays. I just haven’t been able to keep up! I’ll still intermittently post about things I’m working on, though–just not on quite so regular a schedule.

Week 4: Leaving Seoul

For my fourth weekly project, I’ve done something quite a bit more personal than the previous ones: I’ve written an essay about someone I once loved, and about the two biggest failures of my life.

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