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bytopia (working title)

For the last few months I’ve been working on a voxel-based construction/exploration game in my spare time. Figured it’s a good time to share some of my progress. A quick video demo here. It’s all fairly minimalist so far, but the major features: First pass on procedural world generation. Large worlds (currently

Game Jam Framework

Over the past year or so I’ve done several game jams and really enjoyed it; I’ve based each of the games on a simple set of C++ library code I’ve been working on. I’ve kept intending to switch to Unity, but it never ends up happening; truth be told, although I

Week 10: Pacman…?

A simple parody of Pacman built around a very childish joke. I won’t lie–I’m a little ashamed of this one. Windows-only, any reasonably modern PC should work. Download (.zip) Arrow keys to move around. (A day or eight late, but who’s counting?)

Week 3: Atlas of the Inner Sea

In a couple weeks I’ll be running a Dungeons & Dragons game for a group of my friends, for the first time in many (many) years. I’ve really missed the thrill of creating my own world and guiding a group of unsuspecting suckers intrepid adventurers through it, so, as my third Weekly

Week 2: Save the Tomato

This past week I’ve been learning Unity‘s new UI and its 2D graphics and physics systems, so for my second weekly project, I’ve made a little game with it. It’s incredibly simple and rough, but here it is (click the picture to download; Windows only): I bought all of the art

Phase Shift: Ludum Dare 30 Postmortem

This past weekend’s Ludum Dare game jam was my second (and the third overall game jam I’ve participated in); here’s my entry if you want to play it yourself. My first thought was to take the theme–“Connected Worlds”–literally, and make a game around multiple planets–perhaps a simple 4X game or something based on orbits–but that felt a little too

Week 1: μShooter

The Microview is a tiny Arduino-compatible device with a built-in OLED screen. It’s really nifty, and I’ve been looking forward to mine ever since backing the Kickstarter earlier this year. The other day it finally arrived, so as my first weekly project, I’ve made a simple game on it: a minimalist Gradius-style side-scrolling shooter. The source code

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